Monthly Archives: October 2016

Microsoft Azure Training 47 – Azure SQL Database – Part 4 – Business Continuity (Exam 70-533)

This is part 4 of the Azure SQL Database series. In this session I cover the business continuity within the context of Azure SQL Databases. I start off with what business continuity is how it is important for an organization. I discuss how the terms RTO, RPO and Retention are important to understand and establish business continuity plans. In this session I go over first the Database Export method of backing up the data. I explain how this should not be your first choice for database backup in Azure SQL. I further divulge into the Automated point-in-time restore backups and discuss the details of it. Finally, I discuss what Active geo-replication of database is and how that’s the premium choice of ultimate Disaster Recovery and High Availability of Databases in Azure SQL Database.


Microsoft Azure Training 46 – Azure SQL Database – Part 3 – Database Security (Exam 70-533)

This is part 3 of the Azure SQL Database series. In this session I cover the Azure SQL Database security related concepts. This is a very demo heavy session. I start off with what Azure SQL server-level security is; I cover concepts such as firewall rules and logins with master database roles. Then next I move onto explaining what database-level security is and how users are created for each databases by mapping them to logins. Clear explanations are given on why logins and users are both required in Azure SQL. I also demonstrate each concept in details.