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Exam 70-533 Module 1-Lesson 2 – Overview of Azure

In this lesson I provide a high level introduction to Microsoft Azure. I get into the details of Azure regions, datacenters, paired regions and how accounts and subscriptions play an integral part of Azure. I further divulge into the Azure billing and get into the various “pay” models that works for both personal and organizational use. Moving on, I discuss various Azure services and where to get the list of all Azure services. I end this lesson with all the management tools that Azure provides to interact with various Azure services.

Exam 70-533 Module 1-Lesson 1 – Cloud technology overview

In this session we take a ride to the past to discuss traditional infrastructure. I will get into details of the issues we had with tradition infrastructura and how virtualization and managed services came to the rescue. Further, I will divulge into how managed services with a mix of virtualization brought about the cloud technology. We will get a formal exposure of what “cloud technology” is defined as and what the definition really means. Following that we will get into advantages of cloud computing, the various cloud deployment models like private, public and hybrid cloud, and the various cloud services models like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Microsoft Azure Training 48 – Azure Active Directory – Part 1

This is the Part 1 of the Azure Active Directory Topic. In this session I introduce the Azure AD and talk about what it is, how it differentiates with on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Further, in this session I provide demos on how to create Azure AD Users from the Azure Portal, associate Custom domains with the Azure AD tenant and the Azure AD PowerShell module. As a bonus, I also talk about and demo how to create additional Azure AD directory within the subscription.

Microsoft Azure Training 47 – Azure SQL Database – Part 4 – Business Continuity (Exam 70-533)

This is part 4 of the Azure SQL Database series. In this session I cover the business continuity within the context of Azure SQL Databases. I start off with what business continuity is how it is important for an organization. I discuss how the terms RTO, RPO and Retention are important to understand and establish business continuity plans. In this session I go over first the Database Export method of backing up the data. I explain how this should not be your first choice for database backup in Azure SQL. I further divulge into the Automated point-in-time restore backups and discuss the details of it. Finally, I discuss what Active geo-replication of database is and how that’s the premium choice of ultimate Disaster Recovery and High Availability of Databases in Azure SQL Database.


Microsoft Azure Training 46 – Azure SQL Database – Part 3 – Database Security (Exam 70-533)

This is part 3 of the Azure SQL Database series. In this session I cover the Azure SQL Database security related concepts. This is a very demo heavy session. I start off with what Azure SQL server-level security is; I cover concepts such as firewall rules and logins with master database roles. Then next I move onto explaining what database-level security is and how users are created for each databases by mapping them to logins. Clear explanations are given on why logins and users are both required in Azure SQL. I also demonstrate each concept in details.


Microsoft Azure Training 45 – Azure SQL Database – Part 2 – Advanced Topics (Exam 70-533)

This is part 2 of the Azure SQL Database series. In this sequel of Azure SQL, the session is jam packed with hand-on demo of  creating Azure SQL server and database and exploring all the features and properties. I then demo how to use SQL Server Management studio to connect to the Azure SQL server and browse Azure databases and as create databases to SQL Azure. The latter half of this session dives into creating an On-premise SQL and a database and finally migrating that on premise database to SQL Azure through a wizard in the SQL Management Studio.



Microsoft Azure Training 44 – Azure SQL Database – Part 1 – Introduction (Exam 70-533)

This is the part 1 of the Azure SQL Database series. Azure SQL Database is a PaaS offering from Microsoft for Database as a service in Azure. This session is concepts heavy where I discuss various database options available from Azure. I discuss how Azure SQL can be created to rapidly work on databases. How the Azure SQL databases are resilient as soon as they are created. Further, I go over important concepts like Database Tiers which are important to gauge performance and pricing of the databases. In this session I also go over the complex concept of DTUs which are the units of performance in SQL Azure. As usual a Demo is provided at the end to bring it all together.

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Microsoft Azure Training 43 – Azure Recovery Services – Part 3 – Azure Backup Server (Exam 70-533)

This is the part 3 of the Azure Recovery Services series. In this session I introduce Azure backup server (MABS); a full blown backup solution similar to Microsoft System Center DPM to backup application workloads like SQL Databases, Exchange, SharePoint etc. In this session I go over the various advantages and disadvantages of using Azure backup server and all the necessary architectural gotchas. I mention in the session that how Azure Backup Server is like DPM but what the differences are. The demo contains installation of Azure Backup Server, configuration and deployment of the backup agents to application workload servers like MS SQL.

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