Azure Subscription limits and quotas

Often every cloud services provider, including Microsoft Azure, have the ultimate sales pitch of being highly scalable and elastic; unlimited resources come to mind. In every sense this happens to be true but with certain technological limitations. It is of course hard to say if such limitations are in place due to the actual limitations of the underlying technology or if they are set to make the provider’s manageability manageable. But these limitations are real and therefore it is advisable to be aware of such limitations in a production environment.

So if you are wondering what type of limits your subscription has then you can quick run the following PowerShell cmdlet to get some interesting information.

Get-AzureSubscription -ExtendedDetails

An example of an output of the above cmdlet from my subscription is below:



While the above cmdlet provides some exposure to the limits you have on your Subscription, Azure website has a very detailed article in its documentation regarding Azure Subscriptions and Service Limits, Quotas and Constraints that will give you a full picture of all limits your subscription may have.

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