General Availability – G-Series size for Azure VM for East US 2 Region

WOW! I was very excited to read the announcement of G-series VMs in Azure available for people using East US 2 region. This is my home region! The best part is that the prices for the East US 2 region is comparatively cheaper than West US region for the same G-series. Makes me wonder why.

Prices of G-series in East US 2 (Canadian Dollars)


Prices of G-series in West US (Canadian Dollars)

Looking at these prices above, the East US 2 region is about 6 cents cheaper than its counterpart in West US.

Things to remember about G-series VMs in Azure in case you are going to spin one up this weekend for testing:

  • G-series VMs cannot be in the same Cloud Service as A-series, D-Series or DS-Series VMs.
  • You cannot re-size an existing VM to a G-series from any other series. This means your existing VMs will have to be recreated if you want to bump up its’ performance to G-series.

As the top tier G5 can run about $10 an hour, do not forget to de-allocate these VMs after you are done testing with them!


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