Exam 70-533 Module 1-Lesson 2 – Overview of Azure

In this lesson I provide a high level introduction to Microsoft Azure. I get into the details of Azure regions, datacenters, paired regions and how accounts and subscriptions play an integral part of Azure. I further divulge into the Azure billing and get into the various “pay” models that works for both personal and organizational use. Moving on, I discuss various Azure services and where to get the list of all Azure services. I end this lesson with all the management tools that Azure provides to interact with various Azure services.


  • prakash dinkar adhav

    want to know which are certification available in Azure cloud .

  • Hello,

    I believe my company (AT&T) has an Enterprise account and I have gained access to my company’s Azure subscription. Right now I’m working on a project where we just want to test a few use cases for a proof of concept. We shouldn’t be using a lot of resources. I just wanted to make sure that just because we have an enterprise account doesn’t mean we’ll be charged if we stay under the free tier limit. Any info you can provide would be really helpful. Really liking the videos so far! Thank you!

    • You will be charged Taylor. If you want the free trial, you will have to subscribe to the free trial subscription.

  • I am a beginner for Azure.