Microsoft Azure Discovery Series – Azure PowerShell Az module

In this session of Cloud Ranger’s Microsoft Azure Discovery Series, I introduce the upcoming Azure PowerShell Module “Az”. I will start off with what this Az module is and how it is important as it will change how everyone uses Azure PowerShell. I will show how to install this module, use this module, and how to even make your current scripts with this module.

# Check if Azure  ARM modules are installed and what version is installed
Get-Module AzureRM -ListAvailable

# Uninstall all Azure modules (be careful before doing this. I am hoping you are doing this on a dev machine)
Get-Module AzureRM* -ListAvailable | Uninstall-Module

# Install Az PowerShell modules
Install-Module -Name Az

# Connect to the Azure account using the Az module

# Check which subscription you are connected to

# Add an Alias to use the old Azure ARM cmdlets or scripts

Now once you are done testing if you do not want to keep the Az modules then remove them.

# Uninstall all AZ MODULES
Get-Module Az* -ListAvailable | Uninstall-Module