Microsoft Azure Training 16 – Azure Virtual Machines – Part 3 – Creating Azure VMs with PowerShell (Exam 70-533)

This is the Part 3 of the Azure Virtual Machines session. In this session I go hands-on in demonstrating how Virtual Machines are created in Azure using PowerShell. In this session I demonstrate both the Quick method (New-AzureQuickVM) and the complete configuration method using New-AzureVM cmdlet. Further demonstration is provided on how to attach a Data disk to an existing VM. Demonstration goes further with how a VM can be created from an existing VHD from the storage account. The session is concluded by showing how PowerShell can be used to turn off and delete VMs.

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Download scripts used in this session from here: Session-16-Scripts.

One comment

  • How to create scripts to manage the virtual machine shutdown and power on @ given timings to save the cost for non usage hrs.

    runing the script when we are not available (scheduling the script execution)