Microsoft Azure Training 17 – Azure Virtual Machines – Part 4 – Azure VM Data disks (Exam 70-533)

This is the Part 4 of the Azure Virtual Machines session. In this session I deep dive into Data Disks (VHDs) in Azure. First there are discussions about Data Disks in general. Then I provide demo on creating new Data Disks and associating it with an existing VM. The most important demonstration of this session is uploading a data VHD from on-premise to Azure and then connecting the VHD with an existing VM in Azure to access the data.

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  • Edward Brookman

    Hi Shawn,

    Excellent videos!! A few questions. I tried to duplicate the processes in your videos and I experienced two separate issues. The first time, I created a 2012r2.vhdx from my local hyper-v system and ran both convertVHD and sysprep. I then created a new cloud service, storage account and uploaded the .vhd. I created the disk from the vhd and then created the VM. Everything worked… but, I could never get the external access to work. It could not access the VIP or the cloud/domain name. I turned off the firewalls, double checked my endpoints etc. etc. I can access the website locally with no issues so I know that it is working. Just no external access. Any ideas??

    The second time, I got frustrated, deleted everything and started fresh. I did the exact same thing but now I get an error when trying to login to the vm. “Logon service failed etc.” I used get-service and checked– the logon service is running fine.
    Any suggestions or help would be must appreciated. I don’t want to move to the next video until I have this working.

    FYI: when I just go into the template images and use them to create the VM, everything works perfectly, with no issues.