Microsoft Azure Training 6 – Creating Virtual Machines in Azure – The Basics (Exam 70-533)

In this session I go over the basics of creating a VM in Microsoft Azure. This session consists of hands-on exercise of creating a VM with Quick create method and creating one from the Gallery with advanced options. I also go over looking up all information about the created VMs from the Azure Portal and PowerShell in this session. Furthermore the demo consists of connecting to the VMs by downloading the RDP files from Azure portal.

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One comment

  • I think the Public IP is associated with the cloud services not the virtual machine.
    in the scenario where we have 2 virtual machine created with one cloud service, then even if we shut down the virtual machine from the azure portal (VM=Deallocated state) and then power it on it will get the same IP unless we shut down both the virtual machine and cloud services will get deallocated and next time you power on any virtual machine it will get new Public IP.

    so virtual machine shut down from the azure portal releases the network adapter of VM and the cloud services if its associated with separate Cloud services, but cloud services associated with other VM IP does not get release.